July 19, 2010


I’m not sure if there’s an age you should ‘have your crap together’ but I feel like 24 might be it and in that case I have until August 5th. Except, I don’t have mine together and don’t think I’ll ever feel like I really do- which is okay. It’s one of those things you think when you’re younger, but as you age you realize that’s not the case. In fact, maybe the birthday you wake up thinking you do ‘have it together’ is the when you should start to worry…

Support raising is going well- I am about half way and have a month to be fully supported, I am constantly reminding myself to trust God. Everyone has asked me about support so I thought I should post it on here. God continues to provide for me through all this. As Jarrett Stevens said last Sunday at Summit- I am “very aware of my dependency on God”. This is the first time I have ever spent money without any income coming in- slightly stressful but more weird than anything. God’s given me a lot of peace about it. People’s generosity continues to amaze me. God is using friends, family, people I hardly know and then blessing them for it, it’s really fun to watch.

The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

I hope yall know how much I appreciate you loving, encouraging and financially supporting me in this adventure. I START ON AUGUST 11TH- I’m pumped! In the mean time I have to follow up with people, finish sending the last of my letters, find a house to move into, house/horse/dog/cat/fish/baby sit, move into the house and live life :)

July 12, 2010

Road Trip 2010

Holy crud- where do I start?! I just got back from a road trip that took me a month- to Canada and back. The point of this road trip was to see friends that I might not get to see other wise, spend time with my family in Canada and to raise support. A lot happened along the way: My good ole’ Camry hit 100k miles, I had an encounter with a bat, I listened to entirely too much Pandora, got two oil changes and have a new appreciation for my iPhone- which saved me numerous times and provided lots of car entertainment (music, sermons, podcasts). I did my best to plan things ahead of time and in true fashion all of my plans got rearranged- luckily God had some pretty awesome things in store for me! Here’s some highlights:

North Carolina, Windy Gap

Got to visit the YoungLife camp that I was the horse wrangler intern at two summers ago- best summer of my life I’d say. A lot of the people I met at Windy Gap, and other YoungLife friends happen to be there this summer. Such a great time! Went on adventures around Asheville with good friends, rode horses, went on a hike, and much more. If you're ever in Asheville go toSunny Point Cafe for breakfast- it's unbeatable. Picture below is Jenny, Paula, Hampton and I and above is me with the blue shirt boys- Micah, Brent and Madison!

Muncie, Indiana

Met up with my family and got to see Kathy, my step mom’s, great family- pictured above. Ended up at Taylor University (right outside Muncie) one day while picking up a U-Haul which was fun because some of Summit’s Staff went to college there. Then drove my car to Chicago where I left it while I was in Canada.

Nestor Falls, Canada

For eight days I got to spend time with my family on an island in the middle of nowhere. No electricity, which eliminates a lot of distractions- I loved it. I didn’t hear a phone ring, a toilet flush, an alarm sound, or the sound of sirens for 8 days straight. AMAZING. I think everyone should get away from civilization or at least turn off their phones for a few days (or more if you can pull it off!). I got to really relax, which is hard for me because I naturally am go, go, go! I had time with God every morning on the dock looking out over the lake, while wearing a sweatshirt (woohoo!). We fished a lot and I finally realized why people get so addicted to it. Got uncomfortably close to a bat that was staying in the cabin we eat meals in. There are pictures on Facebook of Canada. My car was left in Chicago so to get back to it I flew from Duluth, MN to Chicago. The Duluth airport was a crazy little establishment- I waited a good half an hour for a smoothie- at the only place serving food in the whole airport, then they gave my 16 year old nephew who was flying with me to Chicago (and then on to Orlando) a ticket for Mary Ann Smith accidentally so when we got to security they wouldn't let us through and then when I went back there was no one to be found at the ticket counter- so funny how different small airports are, and to top it off they confiscated the jam I bought in Canada and forgot was in my carry on. What's frustrating about that is not that I was silly and forgot it was in there but when I asked the security lady if she could bring it home and enjoy it she told me they throw away everything! Stole my jam and then just threw it away- lame. This is my dad, Kathy and I and their little hunting dog OB (stands for Outer Banks- he's not Star Wars themed).

Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville and Jackson- MS

Chicago was my favorite new city I visited- it was like NYC but cleaner- in my opinion. My friend Shelby (pictured above at Ed Debevic's) showed me all around CHI town, she lives off Division near Wicker Park- fun part of town. I had a situation where my car was 30 miles South of O’Hare airport and I had to figure that out. I ended up taking public transportation the whole way- subway, train and then walked a few miles. It was empowering and I also had the thought ‘A year from now I could be doing this same thing except with ten people in tow and not a single English speaking person to help me.’

Loved the new friends I met in Indianapolis and Nashville. I went to Fido’s and Sweet Cece’s in Nashville- which are two must haves if you’re ever in that area. In Jackson, MS I got to see some friends, the Denley’s, who just had a little girl- Leighton (pictured above). Had so much fun with them! It was relaxing and so great to catch up and see their new life in Jackson. Leighton is a babe and I loved getting to spend time with her- what a treat!

June 6, 2010

Sunflower Seeds and Beef Jerky.

Today I leave for a road trip to Canada and back. I had to find my passport today, it's weird I am driving somewhere I will need my passport. I will get back into town sometime around July 1st. I will be stopping numerous places to see friends along the way- CAN'T WAIT! Here is my itinerary if you are interested:

St. Augustine, Florida
Greenville, South Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina
Muncie, Indiana
Pit Stop in Chicago to drop off car
Lake of the Woods, Canada
Duluth, Minnesota- Fly to Chicago to get car
A few days of limbo
Jackson, Mississippi
Jacksonville?, Florida

If you have any thoughts on where I should stop to eat (I will need to re-fuel on something besides the mass amounts of sun flower seeds and beef jerky I'll be intaking while driving) or helpful advice please let me know!

NOTE: I will be on an island with no electricity (yes, this means no internet and NO iPhone- the horror) for ten days in Canada. The 14th- 24th, so if you need me.... then I will talk to you on the 24th. Perfect.

May 4, 2010


Flying Southwest

Two weeks ago I flew Southwest to/from Nashville. I always enjoy flying with them- they are hospitable and humorous at times, the prices are awesome and the pretzels are good... The thing that gets me is the haphazard, lack of assignment, seating. It's the only time I fly and think to myself ‘maybe I should look presentable before this flight so someone will decide to sit next to me OR so when I sit down next to someone they aren’t like ‘dang-it not her’.

My friend Eric had a completely different thought process- along with most other men I bet. He suggested wearing a shirt that says ‘I just farted’, along with many other good ideas- not showering for days being somewhere on the list, all so the seat next to you stays empty. Why do you need an empty seat though? To insure that you don’t accidentally touch the persons arm sitting next to you?

Flying is an interesting experience- it’s one of the few times that you are in close proximity to a completely random group of people. I get excited at the thought of who the person next to me might be: a monk, a farmer, an acrobat, or an artist from Cincinnati. I don’t get the opportunity to meet people like that often. Gotta embrace it :)

April 21, 2010

Kicked Off.

This past weekend I drove up to Atlanta for the Southeast Training Weekend. I had a great time and it got me pumped up for joining staff! There were around 80 people at the conference- three others going on staff, some joining campus ministry and others doing overseas STINT’s- short term international missions. These STINTs ranged from places like the Middle East, to South Asia to Sweden and Bosnia. It was great to meet other people who are going on an adventure and sacrificing in order to share the best story ever with students and people all over the world- made me feel not so 'out there' :) God has shown up BIG through all of this.

Example #1. I got a free tire last Thursday- that junk just doesn't happen! I realized last minute that I would be driving solo up to ATL- which turned out to be a fun solo road trip with many pit stops!. Much to my dismay I needed to get ONE new car tire before making the trek- it was bad (who knew you were supposed to rotate your tires, now I do!). So I went to Toyota, where my sister knows the service manager. I chatted with him and asked him to check out the car and replace the one tire please! I mentioned I only had an hour for lunch and He got me to the front of the line- the whole shebang was done in 45 minutes. He walked me to my car and told me to have a nice day- and I gave him the ‘I didn’t pay yet’ look. He told me my sister, Kendyll could babysit sometime to make it up. BEST DEAL EVER. Free tire and I don’t even have to do anything- but Kendyll does. I’m pretty sure it’s for all the times she made me do stuff for her when we were little. Don’t worry- I told her I would gladly help babysit. What kind of person do you think I am?

Example #2. God is using people to provide like crazy. I am moving to Lake Nona in August- save $ on rent, tolls and gas. Last day at Summit is June 1st so for June- July I will be a support raising vagabond, I had no idea where I would get money to live for these two months, which kind of cracks me up... What was I thinking would happen?! Surely not this- I'm amazed. My friend Joy knows a girl who may sublease my room for those two months- FANTASTIC. Kendyll and Norman- sister and wonderful brother in law- offered for me 'to be their roomie' for those two months! My friend Julia is moving into my apartment complex and noted me as her referral- I will get a $150 gift card to Publix. Hooray food! Lastly, Sam Siviglia’s mom is going to give me some side jobs organizing (one of my favorite things ever) her house and helping her out in other random ways. Thank you to everyone- it’s been seriously awesome to watch God work through all of this!

I had my first few people commit to giving to me monthly and that was awesome. I am shocked that God is using me in this capacity and trusting me to be a great steward of this money. It gets me fired up in a really great way.

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Second blog of my life- check :)